Dawn glides over watery horizons and brands the sea silver and copper and bronze. The weaver birds spotted the rising sun first and spread the news cheerfully. A swim then, in an early-morning sea that nudges the sand awake with a gentle surf. Zoe Foster raised her children with the adage No Bathe, No Breakfast. Which might be fresh fruit from the orchard and still-warm cardamom scented and just-sweet-enough local doughnuts bought from Mama Mandazi who delivers them in a basket perfectly balanced on her head.

Mid morning, the beach is bone white, the sea myriad hues of jade and cobalt blue, aquamarine and aquarium green. The tide a perfect height to snorkel, to swim masked and marvel at the coral and its countless inhabitants: tiny wrasse and clown fish, gently suckered anemones, shyly scuttling crabs, boldly coloured starfish and flailing octopus with wide flung arms. If you must drop into your office remotely, broadband wi-fi is free and available in all the cottages.

For lunch? Seafood, naturally. Bought on the beach from the local fishermen and prepared by your resident cook. Eat fatly filleted red snapper doused in lime juice and plump, perfectly salted chips.

A siesta then. And a good book. Until the crescendo of the creeping tide urges you out to ride upon waves which race up a shadow-strung beach.

The sun tips westward and the sky blushes pink.   And you wonder where the day went.

Sunset over the sand island

Sunset over the sand island