What Now? What Next?

It wasn't long ago that we were celebrating how well the elections had gone and we could all enjoy a return to “business as usual”. How wrong we were. Court cases, re-elections, incitement of violence, demands, bitter rhetoric between candidates and threats not to turn up for the match. Surely, if you don’t turn up to play, you can’t win? This could turn out to be a home win in front of a very small crowd. Now that will be interesting. I don’t claim to understand it all but I do know that I’m getting rather tired of it all, as I believe a great number of people are. The majority of Kenyans are hard working people who want the opportunity to get on with their lives, go to work, educate their children, pay their bills, get a promotion and stay healthy.

Unfortunately, with so many young people out of work and with nothing to lose, there will always be the bored and frustrated who can be relied on to turn out when called upon to create a bit of havoc and no doubt a few will.  But it will only be a few, Kenyans don’t want a fight, they want a life. And we need leaders who are committed to giving people a life not take a life away by encouraging violence on the streets.

What I do know is that whilst all this is going on, I will be enjoying the sanctity and sanity of Sand Island Beach. Why don’t you join us? We're offering a special rate for a week's stay 24th to 31st October.

Once again the pantry will be stocked and the cellar full ...

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