Hot to Get Away from It All. Whatever the All is ...

Potential for great weekend away.

We have just had such a fun weekend; the local golf club holds an annual event this time of year which was inspired by the Ryder Cup and the importance of remember the Westgate victims.  The Umoja Trophy is the most competitive golf fixture of the year at our little club in Diani.

It is a team match play competition run along the lines of the Ryder cup. Two teams of 12 players who play 5 Foursomes matches on Saturday morning, 5 betterball matches on Saturday afternoon and 12 singles matches on Sunday morning. What is critical to the competitiveness of this match is that the teams are Kenya versus Expats. Under normal circumstances,  the club can never get a member to volunteer for Saturday morning draw, let alone get them on the course early Sunday morning but for this event the range is full both days from 7.30 am, with both teams players practicing like mad men and woman possessed!

Kenya led after the foursomes on Saturday morning 3½ to 1 and after the betterball matches at the end of the day Kenya led by just a point 5½ to 4½. The singles were shared 6 points each, to give the Kenyan a win over the expats who were the champions from last year.

This was the fourth Umoja trophy to be held at the club and the Kenyan team's third victory, the author of this blog post would just like to point out that he gave 100% to his team and brought the Kenya side 3 points. Not that I’m bragging or anything.

Earlier this year - here at Sand Island - we hosted a team from Vipingo Ridge Golf Club and we played a similar tournament.  A combination of Foursomes and betterball over the weekend with a group dinner on Saturday night, a Sand Island brunch Sunday morning and lunch at the club on Sunday. Why not bring you golfing buddies down and stay with usand we will arrange the golf course.  If you want opposition from the “coasties” we can get a club side to play you, if you want to play amounts yourselves we can get you tee times and a very handsome discount on fees. Come down on Friday morning,  play Friday afternoon, chill at Sand Island Saturday morning, golf Saturday afternoon, a group dinner Saturday night, at the manager's table at Sand Island then breakfast and Golf Sunday morning with lunch either at the club or another venue. Head home Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. We can formulate a package to suit you which will include green fees, accommodation in our cottages, catering and transfers. If you don’t golf then we could arrange a similar weekend around  a kite surfing school or sky diving experience.   It  has the makings of a great weekend away.


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