Dining Out in Diani. Or Dining In ...

What makes Sand Island so much fun for us, as management, is that we meet such interesting people.  This week we had a family of Fins who live in Nairobi but grew up in Australia. It’s surreal to meet a man called Haikkenen who bears an Aussie accent and speaks Swahili mzuri sana. Such a lovely group of people; they wrote a song about Sand Island which we hope to post soon.

We recently also had a couple from Addis and a family from Khartoum. We had Kenyans, KC’s and expats from Fort Portal in Uganda and if that wasn’t eclectic enough, we had a group of twenty from Dubai who came for a couple of days to celebrate a birthday. They asked if we could do something special for them one evening so we served dinner on the veranda at our house, a simple Pea and Crab soup, a surf and turf barbecue of Piripiri Chicken, Beef Fillet, Lobster tails and Salt and Pepper Calamari, Salsa Verdi, Dill Aioli and Barbeque sauce with Salads and Baked Spuds and we finished it all off with an Apple Tarte Tatin, Apple Sorbet and Cream. Great fun and much appreciated by the group who went to Sails at Almanara in Diani for dinner on the second night which they also enjoyed. 

Others of our guests dined at iconic Ali Barbour's Cave and they very much enjoyed that too. Flamboyant has opened a cocktail bar and does great bar bitings whilst the food at Nomads is good too. So Diani seems to have a few more options for a  slightly more sophisticated night out these days.

But if you want something really special, really on-your-doorstep personal, ask us first. We are a great venue for a party whether it be a reunion, birthday, anniversary, stag or hen party and we love a good wedding too, more about that later ...

Crab and Pea Soup

Crab and Pea Soup