Books and Turtles

Sand Island Beach looks fabulous at the moment;  the heavy rain has passed and we are settling to more traditional rain patterns, a little light rain over night and in the early mornings clears to yield blue skies and sunshine all day. The grass is green, the trees are beginning to flower, the sea is clear again and the temperature perfect.

Last Friday I visited Tiwi School and had the privilege of meeting the teachers and some of the 350 pupils to present them with 2 big boxes of reading books and school books. One box was donated some of the owners, the Rowan family. The other was a box of school text books we had bought with money collected through our “Get Africa Reading” initiative where we rent  books out from our library in the Sand Island Beach office.

Arty at school

Arty at school

A turtle nest hatched on our beach on Saturday night but most thrilling was a half dozen stragglers who popped up and flapped their way down the beach and in to the sea at 2.00pm on Sunday afternoon. A great photo opportunity which our guests snapped up, I however found myself without a camera and only a dodgy phone battery.  


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