Sand Island's Contribution to World Turtle Day

Bang on cue, as World Turtle Day dawned (an annual observance to remind us to celebrate turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats) and the sun rose over a still sea and retreating tide, a turtle came onto our beach to lay her eggs.  Her flippers left traction marks in the sand, like a tyre's tread. She patiently, laboriously, dug a hole above the high tide line. Later, eggs safely laid and carefully covered up, she found herself - as the sun rose high and the tide fell further - too far from the high water line to make it out safely. Our local fishermen, a number have received training on turtle conservation, fashioned a teepee for her as shade as she reclined in a rock pool until the sun sank and the tide rose and she could swim back out to sea. 

Her eggs will hatch in the next 60 - 90 days ... we'll keep you posted here.